Dating with pets

So we're sitting in the barbershop chopping it up when a dude walks in with a white Shih Tzu. I mean this dog is so girlie, it had a ponytail on the top of its head. Not because he was helping his girl out, but because he walked in the barbershop with the world's most feminine dog! Since I didn't get a cell phone pic, check out the one below.One of the barbers asked the guy, "Who does the dog belong to? I'm watching it until she gets back from visiting her parents." I know some of you ladies are like, "Awwww, that's so sweet! That's when the conversation started--dating women with dogs.

One guy said he'd rather date a woman with a child than a dog.

There have been times she made sure the dog had something to eat before me.

Once upon a time, she'd be in the mall and say, "I think this shirt would look nice on my man." Not anymore; it's all about the dog.

My thing was, why the hell can't the dog wait until we finish our date, then you go and walk him.

She explained that her dog was on a schedule and she didn't want to break it. I don't do pets like that." I'm no Michael Vick, but I hated that damn dog.

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One Christmas, her mom invited all of us over for dinner. Her mom said, "You not about to bring that damn dog around my food." My girl got offended and said she wasn't going.

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