Dating without drama by paige parker

Through my coaching I strive to instill self-worth in women so they may become selective daters: focusing not on changing themselves to make a man love them, but instead having the patience and confidence to only give their hearts to a man who will meet their needs.

I'm happily married and live with my husband and two sons in New York.

Now that we have the Internet, however, we have the ability to be our own online private eye, tracking a guy's every movement. After you've dated awhile and decide to become exclusive, then you have a right to say something about any questionable online profiles.

That doesn't mean stalking him online and then accusing him of being out with this one or that one behind your back. Try, "Now that we are in a committed relationship I think our online profiles should reflect that, don't you? (And if he does, well, he's definitely not boyfriend material.) Until then, consider the saying: "Actions speak louder than words." Right now, your guy's ('looking for friends and dating') he has posted on Facebook.

__ Treats Others Well: Is he friendly with his doorman? If he's pleasant with other people it's a good sign that he's not just putting on an act for you.

If he makes you feel uneasy, insecure, controlled, or threatened, he is definitely not boyfriend material.In the meantime, here's what she has to say about picking the right guy…. A Checklist of Signs: __ Passion: Does he have goals and dreams for his future? __ Good Health & Habits: Does he take good care of himself (eat well, go to the gym, etc.)?Does he have any habits that are deal- breakers (Drug or alcohol abuse, smoking)? (Beware of overly jaded types, those with excessive 'emotional baggage,' or men with rage issues or out-of-control mood swings.) __ Treats You Well: Does he treat you with respect and consideration?In his defense, he introduced me to all of his friends as his girlfriend, invited me to a company picnic where I met his co-workers, etc.So on one hand I feel secure, but on the other hand I'm so afraid he's going to break my heart.

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