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She went undercover on Reddit to set the record straight, plus she also edited her own Wikipedia page taking out the false information she and Pitt were an it for her, so fans could watch as she blew up those dating rumors.Time will tell if there is any truth to what's being written. Zac Efron and Alexandra Daddario, two beautiful early-thirtysomething actors, were photographed together with their dogs, shopping for pet toys together.

He recently said: "I still think of myself as 18." true.While promoting her newly released film , the host could not resist asking Lawrence for the low down on the rumor.In true fashion, the 27-year-old used humor to make fun of herself and the crazy gossip.David travelled to Georgia's Twickenham home on Saturday night and didn't leave until Sunday morning.The relationship will shock fans who saw Georgia play the Timelord's daughter in an episode of the current series just last month.

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