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According to NBC San Diego, a family member went to go check on Wicht and her son after the two had failed to appear at a family gathering in Ventura County.Wicht had been beaten, raped and strangled with a macrame rope while Donald had been smothered in his sleep.Livingstone said that the Golden State Killer was known for attacking young single women in their homes.He would also tie up his victims before raping them for sexual gratification and then would beat them.'Not that a lot of murders don't have some similarities, in terms of violence, but this one is close enough and with the timeframe it's close enough to where we want to take a look at it and see if we can include or eliminate [De Angelo] as a possible suspect in that case,' Livingstone said.

The development in the case comes six months after Wicht's ex-boyfriend Craig Coley was released from prison, 38 years after he was wrongly convicted in the brutal double slaying.'We've made a request for a DNA comparison to find out if the DNA they recovered from Mr.

The Golden State Killer suspect is being linked to the murder of a mother and her young son.

Rhonda Wicht, 24, a waitress and cosmetology student, and her four-year-old son Donald were found dead in their Simi Valley, California, apartment in 1978.

Coley was released from state prison in November after detectives re-analyzed DNA found at the scene with modern technology and found that it did not belong to Coley, now 70 (right)According to the San Diego Tribune, Coley, then 31, called police to learn more details about the murders after he heard of the news. The first trial ended in April 1979 in a hung jury favoring conviction 10-2.

The second trial ended in January 1980 with his conviction on two counts of first-degree murder where he was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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