Dbgrid row cannot be located for updating

You are right but a possibility exists if you dig a little bit in the VCL hierarchy for the TDBGrid.

TDBGrid is descending from TCustom Grid, which has a property called Visible Row Count.

Top Row'Alter the code I gave you to make THack DBGrid(DBGrid1).

Top Row the current record after the try and before the Ado Query1.

Its almost perfect but you also want to keep the same current record. The first one to scroll down the view to make your record the first visible in the grid, the second one to make it the current record again.

Since your application is able to connect to its database all the time.Hi forum, I have a little problem with positioning in DBGrid after update of records.First of all, this is a dataset where several users are working on at the same time.Unfortunately, this property is protected, so you cannot access it directly in your code.If you try, the compiler will give you an "Undeclared identifier: Visible Row Count" error.

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