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Now, let’s talk about how to handle this in the future before it ever gets to this point again.If someone is calling you over and over or otherwise behaving inappropriately, don’t just ignore it and hope it will stop. You need to have sentences like this ready for use: “We will be in touch when we’ve made decisions on interviews or if we need additional information.Others may not be placing crazy, overly persistent phone calls to you, but I assure you that plenty of them are anxiously waiting to hear something back.After that, if he calls you and asks you to explain or reconsider your decision, be polite but firm: “I know it’s a tough job market, but we have a number of well-qualified candidates and we’re interviewing the candidates who most closely match our needs.” And if he tries to keep you on the phone to argue the decision, you need to refuse to engage in that: “I’m sorry, but I’m just not able to give individual feedback to each of our applicants.” (I should note that in general I’m a proponent of giving real feedback to rejected candidates when it’s feasible to, but it doesn’t sound like you want to get into that with him, and you’re not obligated to.) And don’t allow yourself to be drawn into a long conversation; this should be a few minutes, and if he doesn’t allow the conversation to end there, then you need to end it yourself — politely but firmly.We’re not taking calls about the position meanwhile.” And if someone continues even after that, “I’ve told you previously that we’re not taking calls about the position.

I basically dismissed him in my mind as the sort of person I normally choose to avoid.'But we got talking and I was struck by how calm, thoughtful, intelligent and respectful he was.' Ms Schonstein described herself in the reference as a former solicitor with Clayton Utz who quit law in 2014 and now ran a small business.On her personal website Ms Schonstein says she is a 'Sydney-based, internationally-renowned pole performer, entertainer, judge, MC and instructor.'She co-owns the Pole Dance Academy, which runs classes at Bondi Junction, Crows Nest and Alexandria, with her sister, who performs as Maddie Sparkle.Ms Schonstein is the co-creator and co-owner of two international pole dancing competitions, Pole Theatre - which she says is the world's largest - and Dance Filthy.​She has 167,000 followers on Instagram and recently performed on stage with Gerges in a raunchy Dance Filthy routine she posted as a video on Facebook.Is there any advice you can give me about dealing with this applicant?Can you please also give me pointers on how to turn down an applicant in a gracious way? You have to tell this guy that you are rejecting him! Yes, he’s being really inappropriately aggressive and that’s his fault, not yours …

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