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If a man is well-endowed I prefer to spend more time receiving intercourse.

At first, i was kinda thrown off...i mean, i hadn't had much experience with penises. I suppose this has to do with the desert heat, if we want to delve into genetics. Now, this guy I'm seeing measures about 9 or 10 inches in length and 7 inches in girth, something like that, and I cum every time we have sex. He's actually a professional ballet dancer (he's not gay, though) and so I suppose he perpetuates the stereotype that male dancers have big jocks. I saw it through his tights a few times, the giant flaccid penis and the scrotum like a big juicy grapefruit, twice the size of my fist.

My husband and I talked about it a lot but it became very frustrating and it hurt our relationship.

Then I had a weak moment and cheated with a younger man who was at least an inch longer and noticably thicker. I had sex with that guy maybe a half dozen times (I'm not perfect, but I couldn't help it, that guy was a stud in the sack and he could stay hard for freaking ever).

But eventually I decided it wasn't worth it and introduced my husband to swinging.

My husband and I still have sex but swinging has saved our marriage. Rachel: I was married 11 years to a man that has a 8 and a half inch cock.

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