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The flavor is not the spicy fiery kind, but more like Leek or Onion. In its raw form, the strong aroma will contaminate other spices, so it is better stored in an air tight container.The resin form is hard and deep amber in color It has to be powdered before it is used for cooking or medicinal purposes.Besides culinary uses, it is used for medicinal purposes to aid in digestion and also as an antiseptic.

In Indian grocery stores, the hing is usually found in powdered form.The seeds are powdered either by roasting them first in a dry skillet or without roasting them. They sit on the shelves too long and lose all its freshness.The roasted seeds powdered have a darker shade and a different flavor than the other. Coriander seeds are ground to make coriander powder. Grind up coriander seeds at home in a spice or coffee grinder and store in airtight containers for a couple of months.There are two popular varieties of cinnamon; from Chin and from Ceylon.They both have similar flavors but the cinnamon from Ceylon has a sweeter aroma and is found more as sticks than a rolled up quill.

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By extensive use of spices I do not mean that spices are used to make the food fiery hot.

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