Definition of liquidating damages

For his part Mc Clung reverse-engineers their systems, tests them to within an inch of their algorithms, and then bolts together the best parts to come up with his recommendations.The major difference between Mc Clung and most other retirement researchers is that Mc Clung has subjected these formulas to more tests than a talking ape.Michael Mc Clung’s achievement is to survey that landscape with the rigorous eye of an engineer who wants to build a house that won’t fall down.He’s poured his findings into It’s a practical, safety-conscious, and evidence-based manual that DIY investors can use to avoid the retirement quicksands.

Conversely when equities are storming ahead you’ll convert them into high-quality bonds, ensuring there’s fodder in the barn for when winter comes.

Mc Clung’s mindset is world-first, not America-first, which makes his work directly applicable to UK investors in a way that most retirement research isn’t.

The strategy can also be calibrated for shorter and longer retirements.

Mc Clung also checks his system versus the chilling effects of a low-growth world.

His recommendations assume a globally diversified portfolio and performance.

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