Dehyrdating tomatoes

Chicken Burgers with Feta and Sun-Dried Tomato are one of my favorite healthy recipes to throw on the grill.


Make these Ground Chicken Burgers by grilling on the stovetop or outdoors once the weather cooperates for the ultimate good for you comfort food.

The Mediterranean flavor combo on these sandwiches is out of this world, especially when topped with an easy pesto mayo.

Just keep in mind, the larger they are, the longer they have to dry in the oven.

I made these semi-dried tomatoes with little grape tomatoes and it took 2 hours at 300°F (150°C) until ready. These oven-dried tomatoes that are ready in 2 hours.

This Chicken Burger Recipe is making me have warm weather on the brain. Can you tell that I’m counting down the days to warmer weather?

To make sun-dried tomatoes, ripe tomatoes are left in the sun to dry for a few days, where they will lose most of their moisture.I'm living for these FETA AND SUN-DRIED TOMATO CHICKEN BURGER RECIPE!Tomatoes simply taste best when they are at the peak of ripeness in summer.At the first bite you think, “Oh, that is pretty good,” then go on talking or what not, then I found myself wondering back to the tray over and over… I just couldn’t stop with these little sandwiches, and neither could pretty much anyone else because we emptied that plate in record time!Of course, as we usually did when someone brought something to the group that we devoured, we were begging her for the recipe, and when she told us, it was simple perfection! I firmly believe (and most of my recipes hold true to this) that if you use simple and delicious ingredients, it doesn’t have to be hard or complicated to cook.

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There’s so much flavor packed into the actual chicken burger patty that you don’t need to add much else to be ready to eat.

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