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And perhaps those with more traditional values also have less self-doubt, another trait that could lead to a mental calm—and fireworks in the bedroom.

But does one’s political affiliation matter in the world of love? Only 17% of men and 20% of women said they “must have” someone of the same political party, while over 65% of singles said they “must have” someone who respects them, and someone whom they can trust and confide in. But don’t expect your date to change his or her political views as they get to know you: Almost half (46%) of those surveyed by hadn’t altered their political beliefs in the past 10 years; and 95% hadn’t changed their political opinions because of a relationship.

And if you try and make a move, forget it—you’re not likely to get to first base.

Conservative Republicans are far less likely to approve of kissing in public— but they aren’t squares.

Things will never get dull as you always have something new to experience and try to understand.

When couples learn from each other, they grow closer, and doing new things together keeps a relationship strong.

Democrats can teach Republicans about weed and hip-hop while Republicans can teach the values of guns and country music since those are what each prefer, according to a recent survey.These days, it feels like you can't even get Democrats and Republicans in the same room.It's gotten to the point where Republican senators said they won't meet to discuss President Barack Obama's nominee for Supreme Court justice, let alone get close to approving him.However, once you're in bed, the Republican will enjoy more orgasms, according to the intriguing results of a survey of some 6,000 single people, overseen by the illustrious anthropologist Helen Fisher, Ph. And while we're on the subject—my parenthesis split up longer ago than Sonny and Cher—Fisher says your Elephant Man will dislike hearing opinions that are opposite his own. Thompson always said talking politics was "better than sex." (In fact, he wrote the book Better Than Sex.) You understand how sex works, right? Be cold, be hot, be solemn, be amused, be hopeful, be humble, be hateful, be loving. (Debate clubs are a sexy way of sharpening your wits: debateclub.) You know your fellow's standard arguments, so construct your proofs against each point, lie in wait, and crush him. But this strikes me as true for all dudes, left, right, and sideways.)If you wish, however, to give your romance a go (as he is "sweet" and "solvent," the two most delectable qualities a red-blooded American man can possess), and since everything this election year is being divided Right and Left, here are your Debate Ground Rules:1. Delivering your point with a chuckle will agitate your ene—pardon me, your boyfriend.

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We haven't slept together yet, so this is not a done deal. Newt Gingrich will make Hillary Clinton his fourth wife before you and Mr. Any chap—liberal or conservative—who makes you cry in the first three weeks is a man who won't make you happy.(But I congratulate you on not bonking him.

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