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In the latter case you do not have to worry about NZ$ 1,000 more or less every month.

We have to drop the following tip because the Ministry of Social Development has started to deduct a non-eligible pensioner's overseas pension from a New Zealander's NZ Super, leaving her with NZ$ 6 a week.

In the meantime (April 2018) we have heard of cases where New Zealanders who are eligible for NZ Super, receive zero dollars of NZ Super due to the deduction of a non-qualified partner's overseas pension.

The deduction of a non-eligible partner's overseas pension has been sneakily added to MSD's website on 14 January 2016.

Of course, relationships can also work out the other way round.

This ensures their record is kept up to date and they continue to receive the correct benefit payments.15 or 20 years in a good job overseas can easily mean that this person is entitled to an overseas pension amounting to two NZ Supers, and this means that thanks to Spousal Provision you will not get any NZ Super.Either choose a 20-something mail-order bride who has nothing to lose, a young person who has just started his or her career and will bring an entitlement as small as NZ$ 50 per month, or choose a millionaire.To cover the cost of running a second house (on condition that the mortgage is paid off) you could get a lodger in, as you would be visiting your partner most the time.This would only incur a small deduction from your NZ Super, you could enjoy your retirement - and the lodger your absence most of the time.

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The overseas pension will be deducted from the individual's NZ Super who receives the overseas pension, the spousal deduction will cease.

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