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w Uheitt regard to oiarka or to his aosapg Wlve steili M hs t Ss May Form i^ahinrt PARIS, Oct ^^ -Edouard Dela- dlse, I s art sr of the Ridlcal-Sr.-lr1lst notified Pre idrnt r VM'mer- of his srreptanre of the tart Of fcrrr.:;^ i C:^L-.;*.. AU criu- elm wu dl Mrnwd aa a prelude to the Aaarnia- ment of natloni. It seems to be easier to eatab Uab ptaee thnraili- out a na Mrally nfltt Hit world than to eitab Uah and m a in tai n peaee within the political domestic circle.

But we fear the Prim*- Minis', r will find that when be cro«, M d the Atitmtii un t hindfd un the other Side, hp left the truri' h.- hind him. There are so many cackling po Htteal chickeru that will Insist upon "ooo Uflf l UMne to roost" at Inconvenient aeo Bona. In that Parliament there w Ul be the political party led by lilr.

In America there was no Parliament to meet and explain things to. Baldwin, and while the leader of that parly la neither curloti B nor Inqnlaltlve.

there ure some of the members of the party who wl U br -urioua about the a Ufced surrender -af-thr Qoteroment to the Soviet, the undoubted sur- to the acltators hi Egypt, the proposed ider to the agitators of India and Ulfi In- Of unemployment at home. ( ' r'hom [ woi 1 l.^ 'r:i n •■ f i-rr f d lo Sth Ki- ' !

aflcr revisiting the Ei Lst for the first tinir In tweii- ly-flve yean. Why not extend the principle of Prohibition and make ^mwlatloii unlawful T Whatever Its backs Udlngs and periods ai weak- ness tn the past.

If this Is giving our bu.i c.:o.^OInlst8 any coruorn let them compare tli».'i with tlie lttrg»! The We Ulngtoo Co Ulen' Company Ls Interertad dtoectlv m the exten- Moii nf the de^'Pl'ipnieiit at the f Miitledge ft Ji a me Jins affording that romiianv the opporl-unlty o( avoidl PR 'br ii M- of marketable ooal for ilif prixiuo Lion of electrtca J rnf TKv present tlma. Although France at the Washing- ton Conference accepted the same ratio as Italy for battieshlps. "hrlngft a reminder of Uifi driving power of a stalwart character and vlgonnu Ideals " I Keep them I ' tmploftd ^ Busy do Uara are one of the meet uaolul thinvain Um wortd wkao wortinf nifflkt and for yon in a Huron di Eria aavfati aceou Bt. A reliable timepiece, small roun l nickel c«a Qtt Hr Modtto to Brawn, Pstaot aa4 Mm ROYAL SHOE STORE 636-6^ YATES STRKBT OAK BAY Wc luve for Immc^lvte lale one o£ the very beit rckidenccs )n thfi dcklirabia diitrfet The hotue it ali Mted on a hich vkvati Mi fn HMrty 1H acres of beatillfiil garriens, conitnandinn mavnificeot view* ol m and moao Uina.' Pbotoffraphs nuy be aren in thb Priee 300 Kew Stttceo Bunnlow of excevtional merit, located on a Urge corner lot in a ieicct dtatrlc L Ball, Hvinc-room and dlninx-room have, hardwood floori: two gnrxl-ftiiril hedfonnis with clotet*. Itic I 'hliiffi' havf no* ht-arri tht Ai' mi i alnii fcirfiuiils aic imw In riilli'-M' Ui* iiiidcr fhiiii'w* (lin-iihrii A n would be a great idea u huve an lii- f S MHs n o i i o C tlw actual mulu trma wlailnn tunda apent In the Orient m Sds toy a iiuiiu Hlsikiii at «x* port bualnsas men aatf oxps K wtaea- tors, not in thr mlssloniii or in the pay erf the Chinese tfovi-rnninu ' Colonel Pulnicr .sc'ii' three njontlui III the Par E-it.^f r\r lli C a II ad 1 an Ndlioudl la stitute for BUnd - i: AMr.il(r\ lif START IIS Tti S UAiy TIME Probates a M ■d Ailatstrsttons is- sued out of thf Supreme Court ot Brl Ush rolumbia. The British might suffer ths same fate If Britain should have her naval movemsnt through the Mad Uerraaaa H Inter- mpted. to charges of bclnd found In a common gaming house, located In a set of rooms on the second story of Nos. There were four fan tan tables In the gambling room, and In rooms adjoining there was a confllderable quantity of lotl*ry tickets No money was found, he s Uted Mr. The fo Uowlng Isttera are indlca- ttve of the gsneial tnod at support ofjfered: "It affords me grsat l Aiastt M tu accept your Invitation U act as patron of your projected effort, ui provide a permanent home for the Western Dlv Lslon of the Canadian National Institute for the Bllnd- •*The province has good reason to be proud of the splendid work your Iiiutltutr has already done and of your vision lo mcrease its efficiency by providing this permanent home to enable your mashers to earn for ths Btselves the parlous privilege of their own Independence. and Toronto is the heart of that stronghold No one In Canada, with possibly the exception nf the edltor^i of Tlie Winnipeg Free Press and The Toronto Star believes for a moment that the Toronto police were actuated by political nottves Whan they prevented the advocates of Ttslent -Mvototlo Avy w ea ii i r ss from addreeslng meellii Ka In the parks and puhlir plnres. Max 48 40 SO M 54 80 44 M 40 40 9t M 43 37 40 30 30 40 4a . i3 62 83 84 84 « Vlclorla Naiialmo Vancouver Ksmloops Prtnee Oeoive Snevan Point Prince Rupert , la Dawson „ Seattle . It is declared Prance does not re Rsrd this as a precedent for rnilsers and sub- marines inasnuirh ax nrtther Prance nor Italy la pt\rtlriil Hr! NEW OVERCOATS (h I hat Simirhie:is liontl Street Likes! and you'U lind these thinsi 4oi Ditt|itl: in oar newest selection. tuii- roo Di, »tairs to unfinifthed altic, l)uu)i kiichrn with ample t:up nl Heat lor Card Partias. at Victoria, dur- ing the week ending Saturday, Oc- tober 36, werr ns Io Uowb: Erne.-i Wlll Bm Sutton, late Of Vic- toria, who d)e U ut. "This to ft sheer statement of fsota, when not propagandlc ful- mlnatlonn. Moresby, defence counsel , asked thst a spsolal reduction in the uaoal fteie be made In the case of nhie or the Orletnats. had not taken part In the gambling, hut had gone to the premises to seek warmth. Magistrate Jay fined thirty-two of the Chlne.'-.e the siiiii of 18 each, and allowed the other nine to be re ie;i M4 upon paymt of fines of t^- each. '*May the answer to the appeal prare both widespread and gen- erous. "Lleulenant-Oovemor." AHC IIttl Sll OP^ LETTEB •The that has been done lor our unfortunate fellow cltl£en B who have been deprived of their sight has been ii'remarkable and beneficial It 1a arnarlng how much happlnes.s and benefit have been conferred by the paln.stoklng ef Jorta of those who have worked .j the h Und may have the oppariunlty for the development of their other and which win bring something of sweetnesa and light Into their llvos. 1 feel sure, like to help In this cam- paign for the endowment of a building for their beneflt. Oct M^-A l Un- tster from another Dominion of the nnnih Empire arrived in W ashing - ton V"»iterd. of South Afr.ra, and Mrs Louw de- tmlned at Union Station, and were met by Ronald Campbell. who, in the absence of Sir Bnne Howard, will present the new Min- ister to the American Oovemmenl Mother's Utt]« Helper •» s. atctasri NO ENUJSH FILMS Pile^ Go Quick M ia« i«wtf bow^. Oct 3g A bill Intjo- M In the Lower Mrjusr several a(. u Is the duty of the police to malniaiii law and order within the precinct-. If authority believes that riots and bloodshed may be pre- vented by ttm adopuon of measures of preoktt- tion, It is th» «uty of tho potteo to aet on the Instniriions of authority aatf take the required liheie u ificemllarlani of word as well as ot The Weuthrr Meteorological Office, vlctr Ti-i s pm, October 28. whfr*- bv the pow^r Rfnrrated by thf I' lrit U-Otfe tlf'VPlopiiirnt will be niadr ii-c I i for the purpose of &ervlng liif rommunltlen th»t com^ wlthtn the sfope of thf rornpui-v'^ niri-E- Ucns. l ii'- uie*r- report* Mem to im Ur vale Uiat a u not the Ihtenttoo or the Bol Uair oae R9eny to prooeed aiunc that UBe, but that an ar- rangenient may be entered inlo with the Canadian Utilities by whlt h power may be taken In bulk, and Uie latter rompanj will becoo&c thr M-Tfliirr of the energy ai re- itiirrd AUhm the area covered by colliery ^"in Ban T'l r*** rt Shls. Princess Mjrgncn're Collides With Princess Louise off Kellet L Blull in Larly Morning Hours — Three Staterooms Are Demolidxd and Seven Others Damaged — Stories of Esrewitnesscs FREMICR HOWARD FEROr SON Wh M* b^vm I I* ih* vl MMrkla ■111 tmt m Imu In th* nail* %m to %mkm ant Wad w From thm Colonist Tower THF WCATHKR victo Dn u Atifin R a bigger fleet for France than for Italy. Young Son— Didn't we get a book of Instructions with it, mother? and instnic Cfed us to sell on easy terms 3QQ NKW ni'N'r. VK HAY BEIXC cii ..r ron-iriii propntgr tn China wl Uilu nve years. Her naval programme, in face of all talk to the contrary, makes her plan of de- fence the oftensl Te m d Utant wat'-rs. Such Li her present cru Lier strength that she cfui M «wef*p ihp lj! Thai menaced Liberal principle is Free Speech, ii Lso for the present spelled with wftp Htl fnltwiis The Tory po Uoe of Toronto are preventing rep- resentatives ot the Th M Intema Uonal from opening their mouths and saying the thing they will In city parks and other public places. RKABONS FOK FKANCUIb E There had hma f«parto to the e T- feci that the Wel Unfton Oo Uery Company might wiah to hito the pr^wcr line Itaelf. rommtt The Puntiedie pewer la ea Umated to be t ipe hte of veloplnff MHoethlnc like M,«0 bone- power. Ranoe Is described as ready to dlaeois the quaatkm ol a reasonable p i uptatka i between the two nations but la quite unw UUng to accept naval parity. Distioction ^i J^ Rcul Value In Clocks of Every Calibre Here is a splendid buy. M( r \K\V; living-room, kitchen, 2 bcalh- rooin, tcincnt Iiasc ment turruue, cement driveway tu garage; nice garden with itak trees. PLACE or M18BIONABIU ■The question w If the tlmp has not ojtiie ftir Ihr ti UMlonarli'ft to ir lire from (.'Mrui Al! iitt-d Sutfi niff Jji-].' flag off the Pacl Ac by cominer Lt-- dsstroytng rald.t. Chief of Po Uoe John fry s Uted that In oonpaay with other po Uoe offlccn he raided the Pan Tan Alley premlsss on #Vlday nluht at o'dook, and found gaipbllng In pragresa. who pleaded guilty to a chante of falling lo bring his sutomoblle to a full ftop upon en- tering an arterut highway. Some of the Communists and other Red Hag- gers of Toronto who want to make speeches In public places and inflame the hearts of the peo- ple against existing and established British Ins U- tattons are nosolnally ruimlng as candidates against the Provincial Oovernment of Premier Penpjson: but of course Mint fact has imthlng ivhat- vr: ;n do with the ala.-in uf Tlw Fr*o Prosi. iples, not politics, are at the root of the matter At the «aip» ilfflc, the fact reautlas that ODtarlo Is a eentre of Oonssrvatlsm in Canada.

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