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Dating is when you aren’t committed to one person, you can go out and have fun with your friends or, if you want to, you can go out on a date. You can go with one person one night and another the next night if you want to simply because you aren’t committed to someone.

People confuse the two so often simply because when you’re in a relationship you go on dates, so people consider that dating.

It can be with whoever you want and you can go bowling, out to dinner, go see a movie, etc.

Domestic violence and relationship discord occurs less frequently amongst married couples who live together than dating couples who live together.

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Although divorce is always an option, marriage was originally designed to be "till death do us part." Marriage implies settling down, having babies and spending the rest of your life with your chosen partner, whereas dating does not.

You must file for divorce to exit a marriage, and it can become a long, tedious legal process.

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People engage in these activities because of the happiness associated with being close to someone they like.

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