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So remember: relationships aren't exclusive until you talk about it. Saying something like "I just want to make sure it's right" when you actually mean "I'm waiting for X to happen" is unfair to the people you're dating.

Don't assume that sex means you've gone directly to a relationship. It's hard to break out of the TSCC black/white mold, but phrases like "I don't want to whore it up" or "I left TSCC but I'm still a moral person" regarding sexual partners makes me sad.

Funny Get to Know You Questions Dating Although many naive LDS members believe that the Masons had the original temple ceremony, thus explaining any similarities between the Masonry Rituals and the LDS Temple ceremony, the more knowledgeable LDS apologists and faithful LDS historians currently admit that is not true.

These same principles have helped build strong, successful religious communities for thousands of years.

My dating experience prior to getting married involved sending a missionary off in college and then my (ex)husband I meeting and getting married in the temple 18 months after my missionary left.

My husband was the only one I'd ever had sex, and that was not one of our issues in our marriage (in other words, I liked it a lot.)So now I am entering the dating world for the first time without the chains of Mormonism and have NO IDEA what the social "norms" to dating and sex. Enjoying sex safely and responsibly isn't whoring it around.

I spent some of my 20s in Provo, and I spent a lot of my 20s in New York City.

Don't be pressured into doing something that you aren't comfortable with and you should be fine. Lots of awesome points - two I would add:-Communication is critical.

Mormon dating is big on the cutesy stuff but not big on the hard conversations. " but it's not okay to assume that you can let sex stand in for an expectations-setting conversation.-If you have time or status restrictions about sex, If you're someone who doesn't want to have sex until 6 months from your first date, or until relationship milestone X, you need to state that unambiguously ahead of time.

I will say that my own personal beliefs about sexual purity and morality have evolved. I hate the mindset that drives thoughts like "I don't want to whore it up" or "I left TSCC but I'm still a moral person" because that is just the perception when you are raised that sex is only between a husband and wife.

Looking at my own dating adventures (and those of my friends), I can confidently say that the length of time you wait before having sex has no impact on the duration or quality of the relationship itself. I know that the guilt and shame and expectations associated with sex are not healthy, I am just now trying to discover what it really all means...my 30s, which makes me pretty vulnerable in a lot of ways.

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