Do sikhs believe in interracial dating

One reason the US doesn’t use the metric system: the scientist shipped in from Europe to testify to Congress on the issue was kidnapped by pirates.

Contrary to what you might have learned in school, the tallest mountain in the solar system isn’t Olympos Mons.

) US college to break the ,000/year price barrier. Related, if you think about it: It’s sometimes reported that SAT score and college GPA “only” correlate at a modest 0.35.

But a book on education (h/t Timofey Pnin) points out that this is because higher-SAT-scoring students go to more elite colleges and major in more difficult subjects.

Article is also interesting as an example of how left-leaning media has developed a counterproductive habit of sometimes covering the Right in terms of “We all know we should dislike this person, but look how cool they are!

” This seems new and surprising and seems to require an explanation, maybe in terms of outgroup-fargroup dynamics.

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