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There are tons of guys discussing their kinks on forums, blogs, etc. Literotica is another good free source for scripts, keywords, etc.

We're made up of a group dominant women, mistresses and princesses that love using submissive men, sissies and cash pigs.

I prefer doing it by the minute or for a nice hefty gift card.

Click the live BDSM cam chat rooms below and begin your online training.

I don't rely on him for bills but I love fun money and I never even have to get naked. It has the potential for scammers to get your time and attention and leave you in the dust.

Plus I get to be the living nightmare I naturally am while being rewarded for it. I prefer doing it by the minute or for a nice hefty gift card.

Make sure you grab at least one monster black one... If you have a little money to toss around and plan on making clips, get a chastity cage as well. In which they can call me names, or I call them daddy, sir, etc I have no real preference for one or the other.

I just put myself in the mindset that it is all fantasy or even roleplay.

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Would anyone like to give tips/ suggestions, on how to perform on cam as a femdom? This is just for fun conversation, I'm sure I'll figure more stuff out as I go, even if there are no suggestions here. Not that it really matters much whether other people approve of what word you use, but it's a question anyway. It doesn't sound the same to call oneself a Femdom, though I guess I could use the word 'Domme.' I think men who are dominant have it easier, they can just call themselves a "Dom" and they don't have to worry about whether they qualify for that term or not.

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