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Kurt lets him know that he and Blaine are just friends, but admits that he is in love with him.After practicing a sassy number of Bills, Bills, Bills with the Warblers for Regionals, Blaine and Kurt have coffee with Rachel and Mercedes at The Lima Bean.Blaine tries to help Kurt acclimate to the customs of Dalton Academy and seemingly aloof Warblers.

He is portrayed by actor and singer-songwriter Darren Criss. His older brother, Cooper, was very critical and domineering when they were young, and it is implied that Blaine is not very close to his father because of his sexuality.Before moving to Dalton Academy, Blaine went to a public school where he was constantly bullied because of his sexuality.Just after he came out, he attended a Sadie Hawkins dance with a friend who was the only other openly gay student at his school.Blaine first appears at Dalton Academy, where he runs into Kurt, who is trying to spy on the school's glee club.After leading him down a shortcut to the senior commons, it is revealed that Blaine is the lead singer of the Warblers during a performance of Teenage Dream.

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