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Alexis hands the camera back to Lucy as they switch places, and Lucy films her stunning lover on her hands and knees, kissing her slit and smiling up at her from between her thighs.

Alexis eats pussy just as noisily as Lucy does, but she likes to plant her mouth right over Lucy’s pussy and lap at her hole, with her nose buried in Lucy’s strip of blonde pubic hair.

It drives Lucy wild, making her moan uncontrollably.

Alexis grabs the camera again and gets Lucy to play with herself, but finds her pussy irresistible and has to finger-bang her.

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They switch again, Alexis rubbing her pussy before Lucy takes over, spreading her delicate folds open and fingering her juicy hole. His wife will kill him if she finds out, but she’ll do more than that if she finds that Zoey’s still trying to jump him in his garage!

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