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You should check out her excellent article about five writers who use Scrivener.Dropbox is an online storage service which focuses on online backup, file sharing and file synchronization.Ruiz holds a Bachelor of Arts from University of Massachusetts, Boston.Dropbox for the i Phone/i Pad is a real boon for a lot of users who rely on Dropbox.

(You don’t need to use the manual File Sync menu any more.) But if you make changes on your computer, and then different changes on another device before Dropbox has a chance to sync, you can end up with conflicts that you’ll need to sort out manually.

For the full Dropbox sync goodness you should have the latest version of Scrivener, so before you get started be sure to check for updates. From now on, any changes you make on one device will be reflected in Scrivener on your other devices each time Dropbox syncs — whether those devices are computers, i Pads, or even your trusty i Phone.

Once you’ve done that, you should be able to follow along with your own project. Scrivener will open up and replace the Recent Projects entry for your project with the new Dropbox sync version. Keith from Literature & Latte wrote a blog post recently where he said you don’t need to quit Scrivener on one device before opening it on another device when using this kind of Dropbox sync.

Andrea Ruiz has written professionally for blogs, online entertainment magazines and television network websites for more than a decade.

Ruiz has also been a web and social media developer, Internet business consultant and computer programmer since 1999, and worked for four years as a professional community manager.

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That’s why the first version of the app had very little in the way of creating, uploading or editing files.

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