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Now when you create a View RSS Feed, you have a new format type to pick called RSS Feed – Fields: This enables the Views RSS display format plugin, where you can begin to customize all aspects of a standard RSS feed (note the views_rss_dc module was enabled on this site): For those not familiar with RSS internals, the channel elements occur at the top level of the RSS feed, and typically consist of identifying information for the feed, update times, descriptions, etc.Item elements are attached to each individual item that is returned in an RSS feed; Views items are analogous to rows and in which you map result fields.I have an RSS feed URL, that I can view in any Feed Reader.This RSS feed is not controlled by me, it is only consumed by me.What I want to do is write something (in C#) that checks this RSS Feed once a week, and when a new item (i.e. Or perhaps you have a database of items that you've already seen and you want to check to see if the items you received are in the database. I've done several that screen scrape/monitor sites on a scheduled basis. I think you could do what you're looking for in a few hours.a new download-able file) is available, triggers off an executable. Net 3.5 or above you can you the various classes within the System. Syndication namespace, specifically the Syndication Feed class which exposes a Last Updated Time property that you can use to compare dates to know when to call your executable using the Process. Whenever you find a new item, you can fire off your executable using Process. This is essentially like a very scaled-down RSS Reader, with the sole purpose of triggering an executable when a new item appears.

Create your View by adding the fields you want to make available to the RSS feed and then go into the Views RSS display settings above and map fields to item elements to customize your feed output.Drupal is no exception with support built directly into Drupal core, and Views has its own display plugin for more selective RSS feed generation.However, what do you do if you need finer-grained control over your feed generation, and possibly even custom extensions that comply with the RSS standard? Out of the box it adds customizable support for a core RSS channel, item level elements, and adds Dublin Core support as well.Save the View, and when you browse to the path that you defined for the RSS feed, you should see your customizations come across in the RSS data.OK, great – now you have mapped all your fields into an RSS feed, but the consumer for the feed announces that they want to also have additional information that is not provided by the RSS core elements (channel or item).

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Feeds 7 made it easy (-ish) to click together a configuration that matches an RSS (or any XML, or CSV, or OPML, etc) source to a Drupal entity type, maps source data into Drupal fields, and runs an import with the site Cron. I recently had to build a podcast mirror for a client that needed this functionality, and I was surprised at what I found.

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