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These often take place in a nearby one- or two-star hotel, in cheap apartments rented by the girls, or other flats owned by third parties.

But weeks in port have trickled down to days and clients are sparse. "They come and leave so fast, in a matter of days." This is partly due to the rapid turnaround time of ships in Durban.No pimps are involved, nor does the owner act as the girls' manager.Instead, he makes his money from steeply priced alcohol. they know where to find us"Tony is very much a businessman," says Trotter.One young black girl in her mid-20s standing outside the club, who would neither confirm nor deny if she traded sex at the Riviera, said the club "isn't rough".Her boyfriend didn't know she entertained, the girl said, and she was able to choose who she made friends with.

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As well as the owner, taxi drivers get their share, while the girls get the largest share of all: about R200 or R300 per 'contract', several times a week.

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