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Microsoft Dynamics AX is a multi-language, multi-currency, industry-specific, global enterprise resource planning (ERP) software product.

Microsoft Dynamics AX is also know as AXAPTA in previous versions and now referred as DAX is a registered ERP solution from Microsoft Dynamics family targeting mid-size to large scale enterprises with highly intuitive, exclusive and scalable features with rich user experience.

Indexes are used to improve the performance of data retrieval and sometimes to ensure the existence of unique the technology that controls the user interface in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

The user interface is how the functionality of the application is presented or displayed to the user.

An index is a table-specific database structure that speeds the retrieval of rows from the table.

The properties of many fields can change at one time by changing the properties on the EDT.

Relations can be assigned to an edt are known as Dynamic relations. Why not field fixed – field fixed works on only between two tables 1- 1 relation.

Intelli Morph controls the layout of the user interface and makes it easier to modify forms, reports, and menus.refresh() will not reread the record from the database.

It basically just refreshes the screen with whatever is stored in the form cache.

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