Eclipse validating xhtml slow

Before creating an HTML5 page, it’s recommended to set the character encoding type to UTF-8. This sets the focus on this field when the form is rendered. You’ve visually developed an HTML5 page using the Web Page Editor.

Specifically, it allows you to create HTML5 pages using a new template, provides code completion for HTML5 elements, provides a Properties editor for HTML5 attributes, and provides a WYSIWYG editor for visual development of HTML5 pages. It turns out that in HTML5 the type attribute defaults to “text” if not specified. Select the text field in the top half of the editor. Click on the Properties view and its Attributes tab. Click on the drop-down to the right of autofocus and select autofocus. Verify that the autofocus attribute is listed in the source code section of the editor.

The file will open with the HTML Editor, which provides syntax highlighting (coloring). Notice an error message is displayed, which means the required attribute is working.

Enter a file name, select the parent folder and click Next. Select New HTML File (5) for the template and click Finish. Notice the cursor is blinking inside the text field, which means autofocus is working. Click the Submit button without entering a value in the text field. If you’d like, you can make the Web Page Editor your default editor for HTML files. Select Window-Editors and select File Associations. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

Once again, there are no new HTML5 elements included yet. Scroll down inside the Palette and drag and drop the Text Field widget onto the page.

Select ISO 10646/Unicode(UTF-8) from the Encoding drop-down. Note that there’s also a Preview tab which displays what the page will look like when rendered by Eclipse’s internal browser. If you added the canvas element in the last part, go ahead and delete it. In the right side of the editor, click the left arrow and the Palette will be displayed. Expand the HTML 4.0 folder to see the list of HTML 4.0 elements.

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