Egypt dating culture

Women in an average need to be alert, especially in out-lying zones.

Consumption of drugs is not appreciated and you should not carry your drugs in public if you have anything with you.

Egypt's population is quite high, about 71 million, with the majority being Sunni Islam at about 62 million.

Out of the rest, 8-9 million are Coptic Christians.

If asked, people of Egypt will always share their service and enthusiasm with the people whom hardly they know.

In Egypt, excellent travel attractions and cultural ambiance, the smiling faces of the locales are an added charm.

If you ask them any question, they will answer it happily.

One interesting behavior is whenever you will ask something to an Egyptian, he will call some other people to discuss the question and will try the best to offer you the correct answer of the question asked.

But it is important that if you drink alcohol while in Egypt, you should have it in moderation.Crime in Egypt is rarely experienced and violence is mostly found in family disputes.However, some scattered events of petty thieves and pickpockets are sometimes found here and there.As a result, people often find these people mystic and some time offbeat.But in reality these people are truly a friend in heart; they love people and greet people with the best hospitality. However, if someone expresses disrespect and unfriendly gesture, these people take it as an insult and they become aggressive.

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