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My employer recently announced that everyone who drives their personal vehicles for company business has to supply their DL# to the HR dept.They have not explained why they suddenly need this information.So now if you have taken the cash, you have to use your own car for company business (no taxis) and have to prove it's insured for business use. My policy covers me comp and collision even if I am driving my POV for business use. One interesting item they were recently made aware of is that if you suffer personal injury during a vehicle accident, even in your POV, during business use, it would be a worker's comp claim, not an injury claim thru your vehicle insurance.Also, the OP stated:"If its to check our driving records, that can be done with our names through our States online court search."That's fine if you hire Eziekiel Rumbanone.The company has Liability, nobody has my collision/comprehensive so if I wreck a financed vehicle while on company business in my POV then not only will no one pay to repair the vehicle, I may be sued by my finance company for failing to provide insurance.He said that if I was going to do this very often then I needed a commercial policy which was more than a bit more expensive.They already have my SSN#, what could be the possible reason to request the DL# and is it legal to request it?

Most of the time over here the employer ignores the issue, or expects you to use your car and carry your own commercial insurance, so I solved that issue by not driving my personal car to work.If you're hesitant now, I suspect you will be very surprised when they ask for proof of your personal auto insurance.I was told I must supply this, along with a photocopy of my driver's license, if I wanted to get paid for any driving.-- Mech Eng2005 At the last place I worked, they did a license check on anyone who would be driving their personal car on company business. Most of my jobs have involved driving in some capacity, and I figure the employer has a right to know if he's hiring someone with a poor driving record who could be more prone to an accident.If you have an accident when using your vehicle for company business, you aren't covered and your insurance company will wriggle out of it.Maybe US insurance companies offer policies to companies that cover their employees when using their own vehicles for company business?

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The insurance company is probably mandating driving checks and proof of insurance on personal vehicles.

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