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A single typo when transferring the 15-16 digit numeral string printed on the physical card into the card number form field will cause a validation error.But in practice it’s often worse than just an error.Within the “Card Number” field spaces should not provoke validation errors or be stripped from the displayed input.If your card payment processor doesn’t accept spaces submitted, then the spaces can instead automatically be removed before submitting the form to the server (simply create a Java Script Event Listener that binds to the form and then use a regular expression to detect and wipe out any whitespace characters in the card number input just before it gets sent along to the server for processing).

After trying to submit the form, she received a validation error (due to the spaces), but assumed the validation error was due to the card being rejected and ended up abandoning the order.However, some sites do not allow spaces in the card number field, resulting in validation errors for users who simply type exactly what they see on their card.Combined with the often highly generic card validation error messages (see Improve Validation Errors with Adaptive Messages), this can result in checkout abandonments, as seen in the test session example above.During testing this was observed to be the direct cause for checkout abandonments as users got card validation errors due to simple typos.The long 15-16 digit credit card number is very prone to typos and we observed 23% of users to either type or verify their card number in distinct 4-digit blocks – identical to the physical print on most credit cards.

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