Errors were encountered while validating xml schemas

The AUXILIARY DESTINATION option was not specified for Pluggable Database Point-in-Time Recovery or Flashback Pluggable Database.This is a mandatory option for these commands unless Fast Recovery Area is used.If recovery fails, use the optional UNDO TABLESPACE clause of the RECOVER command to specify the correct set of tablespaces.This is an informational message to indicate the RMAN could not successfully restore the files using the specified backups.

A RECOVER COPY command was not able to proceed because no copy of indicated file was found to recover. no copy of indicated file exists on disk that satisfy the criteria specified in the user's recover operands. copy of indicated datafile exists on disk but no incremental backup was found to apply to the datafile copy.

Use the SET NEWNAME FOR TEMPFILE command to specify a name for the indicated tempfile, making sure that the new name does not conflict with a file name in use by target database.

Alternatively, use DB_FILE_NAME_CONVERT and retry the command.

If you are attempting to put data on the RMAN input pipe prior to starting RMAN, so RMAN will process the data on the pipe as soon as it starts, you must be connected as SYS and you must first use the DBMS_PIPE.

CREATE_PIPE function to explicitly create the pipe as a private pipe. The RMAN binary (executable, load module, whatever it is called on your O/S) and the file must be from the same version, release, and patch level.

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If all required archived log files are available for Tablespace Point-in-Time Recovery or Pluggable Database Point-in-Time Recovery, alter the target database log mode to ARCHIVELOG and retry the operation.

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