Etiquette on dating online

Stick to these simple rules of conduct to get the most from your online dating experiences.

Rule 1: Learn to handle rejection One of the advantages of online dating is the sheer volume of potential matches. With so many people to choose from, you need to be prepared for a few knock backs along the way.

If he takes you out you can thank him verbally at the end of the date.

There is no need to thank him again with a text the next day—that’s his role.

Lying will just get you into sticky situations further down the line as anybody you start to spend a serious amount of time with, will eventually clock the discrepancies in your story.A good degree of transparency really is in your best interest.After all, you don’t want to have to admit you weren’t telling the truth further into a relationship.Texting has changed relationships—and not for the better.I’m not a fan of rules but I do feel there needs to be one big bold rule about text messaging: NEVER send a text message to communicate emotions or feelings!

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He was confused as to whether she liked him or not. “No,” he said, “I was waiting to hear from her first.” “She’s waiting to hear from you,” I said.

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