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Want to see and hear you [redacted] :)'Prior to that request, the individual had also asked if they could Face Time with Hunter after first checking to see that she was 'home alone.''Jennifer is going to be shocked,' said Hunter.

'She would be an idiot to believe he’d be faithful!

As always, Snap Chat reminds its users in the blog that nothing is really invisible: "You can always tap or screenshot to save anything you'd like to keep." While the feature allows for text-only messaging, it isn't like pure texting.

Snap Chat is attributing their most recent change to the idea of "presence": "Until today, we felt that Snapchat was missing an important part of conversation: presence.

All the things I would do with him I wouldn’t do with anyone else.'The 34-year-old went on to say that Rodriguez, 41, is 'very into threesomes' and 'voyeurism,' providing the tabloid with what she claimed were text exchanges between the two and dishing on their 12-hour sex marathons.

'I slept with him and then he went to the MTV Awards with Cameron [Diaz],' said Hunter of the pair's first sexual encounter, adding Diaz looked sad that day (Diaz and Rodriguez in February 2011 left, Diaz and Jason Segel at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards right) Hunter, who has three children including one with former football star Marcus Allen, said that she began having a sexual relationship with Rodriguez back in 2011 after the two met at an Equinox in West Hollywood.

Ik I miss you.'They then added: 'Maybe face time tonight.' In another alleged text exchange between the two, a person who Hunter claims is Rodriguez asks if she is free to 'Face time later,' which she responds to by sending a topless photo.

And in another exchange, the person who Hunter claims is Rodriguez writes: 'Video video please.

His last serious relationship later four years from 2011 until 2015 with wrestler Torie Wilson.When both users are in the Chat, a 'Here' message will appear.By selecting 'Here', users can then start a video chat, which is essentially the Snap Chat version of Face Time.She gave birth to their child in 2014, during which time she claims she was still meeting with Rodriguez.Hunter claimed that when she asked Rodriguez if his relationship with Lopez, 47, was real he just stuck out his tongue and laughed.'I even said over Face Time, "You know this whole Jennifer stuff, I just don't believe this bulls***" and he just stuck his tongue out,' said Hunter.'When he made the face, that made me think it was fake.' Hunter also made it clear she had not desire to be with the athlete, saying: 'I would never marry him.' The two had been in frequent contact prior to his relationship with Lopez according to Hunter.'All the months up until they started seeing each other, maybe February or March, he was always inviting me places,' she said in the interview.'I was like if we're not going to be in a relationship, leave me alone, because you don't get anything out of me - you're not getting sex.'She then added: 'A week before his relationship with J. When I found out I texted him.'Hunter said she found out the two were dating when she read about their trip to the Bahamas together.'He never even mentioned her. Dates line up: Hunter said that Rodriguez wanted to meet her as recently as May 17, asking her to fly to Kansas City while he was covering the Yankees game (Rodriguez making his broadcast debut in the booth on May in Kansas City)Hunter claims that Rodriguez contacted her just last month in hopes that she would fly out to Kansas City and spend the night with him while he was in town watching the New York Yankees take on the Royals.

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