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Think Joe Millionaire but with an actor who looks only vaguely like Prince Harry and you have the premise of I Wanna Marry "Harry", which is apparently a real, completed show from Fox.(They filmed it in secret, to keep up the charade.) Twelve American women were shipped to a fancy estate in England, where they competed for the romantic attentions of a Prince Harry look-alike — except the guy is not Prince Harry, or even a titled cousin of Prince Harry.The Story: Artis thought he was dating a girl named Jess and was prepared to dump his current real-world girlfriend (and the mother of his THREE kids) for her.The Truth: Jess was actually an odd fellow named Justin who was out on a mission to expose those cheating with strangers online as a 'relationship vigilante'.The clip sees Maul fighting a foe strong with the Force, as well as what appears to be Jango Fett (in the canon timeline, Boba Fett would not have been born).Nev and Max have been travelling around the US for five years now, trying to mend broken hearts, help others get even, and generally having the best TV bromance ever.You'd think by now no-one would dream about trying to fool someone over the internet in fear of these two turning up at their door.

Also, he liked her enough to pay her around TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS, as well as sending her gifts and his bank info.Anyway, this seems ridiculous, and it will be on television starting May 27.ABC has renewed “The Gong Show” for a second season at the Television Critics Association winter press tour.She was actually Adam from the chat room, who admitted he took pride in catfishing others, having done it to about 40 people in total.He did it to John in order to keep him away from Ellie, (who was real). The Aftermath: Adam apologised for his behaviour and confessed all to Ellie via Skype.

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Jared Morell, Jordan Barrow, David Bohnert and Chris Choun are co-executive producers.

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