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I like cuddling people, kissing people, falling in love with people, petting people’s hair, writing sonnets about people, and a few things less blogaboutable, but having sex isn’t an especially interesting experience for me.

I treat it kind of like watching a chick flick – something one might do to get the nice warm feeling of doing romantic things and bonding as a couple, but wait a second why the heck is she kissing him now and that scene made no sense and THIS MOVIE HAS NO PLOT HOW DID IT MAKE 0 MILLION AT THE BOX OFFICE?

None of those three people have had any noticeable-from-the-outside jealousy about any of the others.

I remember explaining polyamory to my father when I met him in Utah.

He just shrugged and said “I guess I’m too old-fashioned for that sort of thing to make sense.” I feel blessed to have a father with the rare skill of being able to generate “I am old-fashioned” as a counter-hypothesis to “other people are evil”.

And then it started to look like a slightly better idea to take part in it than to not take part in it. So I will just say that Alicorn and Mike are probably the best couple I have ever seen.

I have lived with them for seven months now and never once have I seen them get in a fight (I know there is way more to being a couple than not fighting but I’m trying to think of objective numerical evidence I can report here beyond “if you know them, you know what I mean”).

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They both seem to love and appreciate each other just as much if not more as they did when I first met them.

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