Form validating after button click vb

that "hooks" the IClicked_My_Button_method method up to the button's Click event.Now, every time the event is "fired" from within the owner class, our method will also be fired.It's a little more code, but the upside is that you've separated out what you want to do when a button is clicked with how to determine if a button was clicked.

Net depending on the control you're actually using.

The first challenge is that not all controls share the same properties. Value property, so it might be wise to only address the controls having the types one need to alter/toggle properties of, else one ends up getting errors.

The often occuring error, would probably be 438 - ôObject doesn't support this property or methodö.

Object, e As Data Grid View Cell Event Args) _ Handles Data Grid View1.

Cell Content Click Dim sender Grid = Direct Cast(sender, Data Grid View) If Type Of sender Grid. Column Index) Is Data Grid View Button Column And Also e.

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