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She said he underwent brain scans Tuesday to determine whether he has a concussion, but that the results will not be available until later in the week.

Crockett called the allegations that Curry was intoxicated a 'distraction.''Anything that happened prior to the incident didn't give them license to beat on a person who was in need of medical attention,' she said.

spinoffs from the network, set in locations like Las Vegas, Atlanta, and now, Texas.

In an interview with Good, the couple says they have one specific mission with their new show: to promote the work of veterans like them.

That way, they can lend a hand to other veterans who might be having a hard time reintegrating into civilian life."It really didn't depend on if I fit in with their culture. (Not that it's all been fun: In one house, they tore down a wall to reveal a beehive and had to run out to avoid the swarm.) Now, they make it a point to hire fellow veterans throughout the process, and feature one veteran, a landscaper, in the show's first season."I served in the Marines, and in the Marine Corps we have an ethos," Andy says.In the body camera videos, officers can be heard shouting at Curry to put his hands behind his back.The blows begin after Curry doesn't comply.'Don't hit me no more! That's why I keep having to hit you,' one officer responds.

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