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Mark was delighted when he found out and asked Rachel out on a date, making both Gunther and Ross angry in "The One With The Tiny T-Shirt", and Ross has to be talked out of attempting to intervene by Chandler, and is delighted when he later learns Rachel broke up with Mark after realizing she really only agreed to date him to get back at Ross for what he did (and Mark's attitude towards Ross throughout this discussion with Rachel shows that the dislike is mutual.) In "The One With Princess Consuela", Mark returned for the last time in the show where he found Ross and Rachel moving stuff out of her office.After he leaves, Ross seems to consider him a nice guy and asks Rachel if they had met.In "The One Where Ross and Rachel Take A Break", Mark insists on coming to Rachel's apartment when she calls him, upset after a fight with Ross, and it is Mark's presence at the apartment which causes Ross, overhearing his voice in the background after phoning Rachel and mistakenly thinking he is there to have sex with her, to become convinced that his suspicions about her affair with Mark were right and that his relationship with her is now over, which (after he angrily hangs up) leads to him drunkenly having sex with Chloe.

When you upgrade your account to PLATINUM LEVEL or higher, you can enjoy live video chats with ALL other members (including FREE members).This results in Ross and Rachel having a fight at her apartment and then breaking up in tears.The breakup obviously increased Ross's hatred of Mark.Rachel doesn't end up going, deciding to stay with Ross at the last minute; leaving behind the job Mark acquired for her.Ross Geller took an instant dislike to Mark upon meeting him in "The One Where Chandler Can't Remember Which Sister", taking the fact that Mark offered Rachel a job after overhearing her complaining about being unhappy with hers at the Moondance Diner as a sign that he has a crush on her.

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" This seems to indicate that he has finally gotten over his jealousy and dislike of Mark, and is now considering making friends with him, but likely went back to hating him when he learns that he offered Rachel a job in Paris.

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