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Where the genus transition occurs depends on which paleontologist you ask. It's important to note that each species is the Megatooth shark, with a slight change in tooth form over different periods of time.

As a result, there are many teeth that are a cross between two species. subauriculatus have large cusps, where by late Miocene the cusps are very small.

The image shows one of the worlds largest megalodon teeth.

It s 7 1/4" (184 mm) slant height and was found by Vito Bertucci in South Carolina.

Thus, as living things take in carbon, they inevitably will take up a small amount of radioactive carbon into their bodies.

When these lifeforms die, they stop taking in new carbon.

Throughout the Eocene Otodus teeth became more and more serrated. Regardless of which transitional form is officially called a Carcharocles is a moot point. To learn about Great White shark origins and evolution, go to the GREAT WHITE SHARK GALLERY page.

The Eocene Tologaysor (say that 3 times in a row) formation in Kazakhstan shows this transition nicely. It is clear the Megatooth shark lineage (Carcharocles) was born from the Otodus lineage. Over time the Megatooth shark went through slight morphological changes.

It is not alive today, and has been dead for millions of years. Although the largest teeth from megalodon are a little over 7 inches, A more common size for megalodon teeth is between 3 and 5 inches.

With teeth that could reach over 7 inches and a body more massive than a T-Rex, Megatooth sharks, particularly Carcharocles Megalodon, are undoubtedly the most infamous of all prehistoric sharks. Most paleontologists believe the Megatooth shark lineage dates back to the giant mackerel shark of the Paleocene, Otodus obliquus.

Otodus was the top predator of the Paleocene oceans.

The megatooth shark was clearly a top predator of its time. Some Megalodon shark teeth found have over a 7 inch slant height.

Fossil teeth are more commonly between 3 and 5 inches.

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