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Guys, you know what every single girl is thinking right now?? They’re thinking right now, “this is going to be a short talk because the problem ain’t us!

This is going to be a very short session, because the problem abouna Anthony is not us!! ” There’s no good guys, everyone thinks this, “we have tons of great girls but not enough good guys.” This isn’t just here, this is in other churches that I go to.

I went to which is a real website which really tries to match “Coptic youth” from all over the world.

All the different countries in the whole wide world, this is a real website, I’m not inventing this stuff. And these are not crazy people off the street, these are nice young Coptic men and women, just like yourselves, so ladies get yourselves prepared, I’m going to read to you some of the bios here and if something floats your boat you can come talk to me afterwards I can give you the screen name and we’ll see how it works out.

I went to [audience laughs] Some of you I guess are familiar with!!

haaha….actually I’d like to speak to some of you about that afterwards, I may have seen your bios last night.

Because I’ll be giving advice to the females and you know that it’s much easier to give advice to the males than it is to the females.

Well it seems that the Coptic Orthodox are putting out very good audio and video sermons about Christian dating.

And that is with regard to how we view women in society today.

If we want to have a marriage according to God's plan, then we need to change how we see women.

Now I don’t want to see people texting the whole time okay?

I don’t wamt to see lots of commotion and stuff like that, if you have “a” question (that’s why the address is LLQuestion not Question(s)…if you have a question that you want clarity on, you can ask a short, brief question.

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And today, we’re going to flip the coin and go to the female side.

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