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We say “close” because most of Empirical Labs’ analog gear will pass 150KHz easily, and that is something that is impossible with current digital technology. :: Spock Eyebrow Raise:: But it is difficult getting everything right up to that 20KHz, especially at sample rates of 48KHz and below. May 16, 2017 Reviewer: Pete Gleadall from London, Greater London United Kingdom I've had a distressor in my rack since about 1997, so by now I'm pretty used to its sound.

Ironically, sometimes stuff that is hard in Analog is easy in Digital, and sometimes stuff that is hard (or impossible) in Digital is easy in Analog. There's no other compressor plugin that nails ELI compression like the Arousor does. And since I mix mostly ITB I've been waiting for a plugin like this for years. Considering what I paid for the distressor, the arousor is a major bargain !! February 8, 2017 Reviewer: Chris Hesse from Los Angeles, CA United States Because the last thing I need is ANOTHER compressor plugin. It was one of those "why the hell doesn't everyone do that??? Horny chicks with dicks hot for mobile phone fucking. Chat 121 live and direct to the sexiest tgirls on the net. Britain’s naughtiest, nastiest and by far the sexiest shemale babes for hardcore sexting. The kinkiest filthiest cock sucking chicks with dicks are just a phone call away. From those early days on, Empirical Labs has been bombarded with requests for a great compressor plugin for those working in the box…and it had to be one with the creamy sound and ease-of-use of our own award winning hardware compressors.

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