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He was also Bradburd’s first real recruit at New Mexico State. Coach then gives his thumbs up and thumbs down for the NCAA Tournament so far.

Finally, Ruth Conniff, Editor of The Progressive Magazine, explains the negative impact of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act and what the sports world is doing to combat the archaic law. Dave, Mark and Coach dissect why Mark is still a fan of the NFL, but no longer his beloved Chicago Bears with the signing of Ray Mc Donald. In the wake of Chris Borland’s shocking retirement, Dave Meggyesy, former NFL player and author of Out of Their League, discusses the advice he offered to Borland and the potential impact that the retirement will have on the sport in this country. Dave’s on the road but the show must go on so Daniel “DC Dan” Baker and “Mean” Mark Barry take the reigns.

It could be a good year for quarterbacks who ply their trade in Pennsylvania. We have a fantastic show for you this week as Dave, Coach, and Mark take a look at the dominance of Serena Williams and what she’s faced in becoming the best to ever play tennis. Nelson of The Daily Beast checks in from New Orleans on the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and explains how the city has changed since then. Coach Kevin Mc Nutt has to explain why he thought the Cleveland Cavaliers would win the NBA title while Dave and “Mean” Mark Barry sit back as they correctly predicted that the Golden State Warriors would win in six games. Louis Cardinals hacked the Houston Astros and of course, why it matters. Dave, Coach, and Mark are joined by comedian, social commentator and most importantly, the host of Denzel Washington Is The Greatest Actor Of All Time Period, W. They touch on every from the NBA Finals, the Israel-Palestine conflict, cover Bell’s comedic influences and of course the great actor, Denzel Washington.

“Mean” Mark previews the season for his beloved Chicago Bears. Dave gets right into the nitty gritty this week as he discusses neoliberalism in sports. Coach Kevin Mc Nutt has a new book out and we dive head first into the world of youth sports. Dan, and Samantha Barry weigh in on the De Andre Jordan free agency fiasco. Finally, Shireen Ahmed returns to preview the Round of 16 for the Women’s World Cup. Of course, it wouldn’t be an Edge of Sports show if “Mean” Mark Barry didn’t have to defend his football theories on Johnny Manziel. We have a fantastic show lined up for you this week.

Ben Shapiro, of Mass, recaps the first two months of the MLB season. Heavy on the football talk this week as Dave, Coach, and Mark discuss Deflategate from the New England Patriots’ top players and executives knowingly cheating to the ramifications it will have on the Brady vs Montana G. Full Show 04/11/15 - Chuck D of Public Enemy on Le Bron, Ali, ... A dynamic duo of basketball knowledge: Rus Bradburd, the author of 40 Minutes of Hell, and Shaun Harrington, 2015 National STUDENT-Athlete Day Giant Steps Coach of the Year, Shawn Harrington.

Harrington grew up in Chicago and played a small part in Hoop Dreams, having played at Marshall High School in the windy city. Dave opens it up with his response to Coach about what kind of punishment Ray Mc Donald, Jameis Winston and any player who commits an act of domestic violence should bear.

After a third call, we finally reached a customer service representative in the customer relations department.“Mean” Mark Barry predicts that a team other than the New England Patriots will win the AFC East. Sekou Smith of joins the show to preview the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Mark makes a case for Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel having a monster season. Dave, Coach and Mark touch on the NBA player as a father narrative being played out in the media after Steph Curry’s daughter “stole the show” at his recent post-game press conference. Daniel Roberts of Sports on Earth and Deadspin joins the program to give you the facts you need to know about Floyd Mayweather before dropping 0 to watch him take on Manny Pacquiao. If you think it’s just about finding out whether or not players use PEDs...think again. Coach recaps the NCAA Men’s & Women’s Final Four from the bad -- Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan’s reaction and the game management of South Carolina’s head coach, Dawn Staley -- to the good -- UConn’s Moriah Jefferson and Duke’s Tyus Jones.And Rebecca Rider from Swish Appeal on joins the program to preview the upcoming WNBA season. Coach explains why Curry has transformed into the MVP while Dwight Howard hasn’t realized his full potential. Finally, Coach slings a slew of sports topics at Dave and Mark to answer from the disfunction of Rajon Rondo and the Dallas Mavericks to the Greg Hardy suspension. Dave dissects the unfiltered opinions of Charles Barkley and the recent incident of officer Michael Slager shooting Walter Scott in the back.The call was disconnected after the recorded message said the call could not be completed.We called back and followed through the entire automated system.

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