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Cheap labour means degradation of the community, and no country has ever been prosperous or happy by reason of labour being cheap; but the exact contrary has always been the case.High wages have everywhere and always meant prosperity, and low wages have always meant bad times.The young man beginning life finds that there is "no good opening", but it never occurs to him to ask why there is "no good opening"; he creeps into the first vacancy he can see, and adapts himself to circumstances.Every man is more or less a "politician", and will spout by the hour about free trade and protection, but men seem to treat political matters rather as abstract theories than as things of practical importance to themselves.It contains all of the prose works of Paterson which are in the public domain in Australia but which did not appear in other works published during Paterson's lifetime.See Gutenberg of Australia e Books are created from printed editions which are in the public domain in Australia, unless a copyright notice is included.Creative problem solvers from all walks of life have come together to meet and share ideas at this year’s event.Grappling with today (and tomorrow’s) biggest issues, we’ve heard from an inspiring group of people all dedicated to making this world a better place.

Yet we find the working men constantly seeking employment in vain.

On coming to years of discretion, each man adopts that trade, profession, or business to which circumstances seem to point: the clerk goes to his desk, the workman to his tools, the architect to his plans, the lawyer to his books--each plods along to the day of his death, obtaining as well as may be the market value for his work, but never enquiring how that market value is arrived at.

The capitalist finds that interest on his money is obtainable at a certain rate, and he too grumbles that he cannot get larger interest on safe investments; but he never makes any investigation into the causes which determine the rate of interest, and its rise or fall.

Let those who do not see the necessity for any change or questioning of the present arrangement of affairs take a night walk round the poorer quarters of any of our large colonial cities, and they will see such things as they will never forget.

They will see vice and sin and misery in full development.

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You may copy it, give it away or re-use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg of Australia License which may be viewed online at Australia for the Australians Hughey's Dog How I Shot The Policeman How Wild Horses Are Yarded My Various Schools The Downfall of Mulligan's His Masterpiece The History of a Jackaroo in Five Letters Victor Second The Cast-Iron Canvasser The Tug-of-War Our Ambassador or Sharp Practice on the Darling Concerning a Dog Fight The Merino Sheep Concerning a Steeplechase Rider White-When-He's-Wanted Bill and Jim Nearly Get Taken Down Preparing for Premiers Review of Barcroft Boake's Poems The Cycloon, Paddy Cahill and the G. Buffalo Shooting in Australia Bush Justice Polo A War Office in Trouble A Visit to Basutoland French's Cavalry and Their Work Prince Alexander of Teck Our Federal Army and Its Cost The Bullock An Informal Letter from London A Fighting General--Lord Methuen Thirsty Island The Late Lieutenant Morant Sitting in Judgment Pearling Industry at Thursday Island A Visit to Drought Land In the Cattle Country The Dog Gleanings of a Globe Trotter: A Day's Racing in France Gleanings of a Globe Trotter: The Coloured Alien The Cat The Dog--As a Sportsman Lord Milner Dr Morrison: A Notable Australian The Election Season The Amateur Gardener Macbreath The Oracle at the Races The Oracle in the Private Bar The Oracle in the Sanctum The Oracle in the Barber's Shop The Oracle at the Bowling Green The Oracle on Music and Singing The Oracle at the Theatre The Oracle on Politics The Oracle on War and Debt The Oracle on the Capital Site Humours of a Horse Bazaar The Last of Sherlock Holmes Motoring to Melbourne Dan Fitzgerald Explains Done for the Double The Great War The Cookhouse A General Inspection In a Hospital J. Archibald: Great Australian Journalist Shakespeare on the Turf The Man Who Gave 'Em What They wanted CHAPTER I It is of the greatest importance to every man amongst us that he should have some clear idea of what position he occupies in relation to other people, and that he should understand what it is that fixes his prospects, and circumstances in life.

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