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Article 12 gives national parliaments limited involvement in the legislative process.

Article 13 establishes the institutions in the following order and under the following names: the European Parliament, the European Council, the Council, the European Commission, the Court of Justice of the European Union, the European Central Bank and the Court of Auditors.

Article 48 deals with the method of treaty amendment; specifically the ordinary and simplified revision procedures.

They establish the various EU institutions together with their remit, procedures and objectives.The treaties have been repeatedly amended by other treaties over the 65 years since they were first signed.The consolidated version of the two core treaties is regularly published by the European Commission.The first is simply to promote peace, European values and its citizens' well-being. Point 5 states the EU shall promote its values, contribute to eradicating poverty, observe human rights and respect the charter of the United Nations.The second relates to free movement with external border controls are in place. The final sixth point states that the EU shall pursue these objectives by "appropriate means" according with its competences given in the treaties.

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