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Beginner Level: If you're not going as deeply into trance as you'd like with the Medium level ones, you should try some of the Beginner level ones, particularly Trance Training.

You do not need any skill at visualizing to use beginner level CDs, but using Trance Training will help you develop this skill.

Just specify the original 4 digit order number (or name on your credit card and approximate date of order) and which CDs you want replaced in the comment field with your order. If you want to get good results, you have to start with the basics.

CDs 1 and 2 are good for learning trance, and CD16 for deepening it.

"Hello" Sound clips (choose wav or mp3): Hello-WAV. ZIP (51 Kb) To alter your Windows sound schemes, so you can have My voice saying hello... For yourself or unsuspecting friends and loved ones... I just obey..." "Hey bud, I got this joke CD, supposed to make you into a slave...

With hundreds of members chatting daily with dozens of voyeurism live video streams, the chat room is a great place to meet, flirt, show off or simply watch.

CDs without links have not yet been released No matter how good a hypnotic recording is, it's never as good as a session with a live hypnotist, whether it's in person, on the phone, or online.

If you agree to that and are taking phone sessions, you can receive a free recording of your session.CD 03 – Elegance * CD 06 – Happiness & CD 07 – Youth CD 08 – Freedom CD 09 – Envy CD 11 – Corset Diet CD 16 – Acceptance & CD 18 – Princess * CD 19 – Oral CD 23 – Effectiveness (*) CD 24 – Schoolgirl * CD 25 – Soft CD 26 – Sensitive CD32 - Sauna * CD33 - Choices (*) CD 04 – Male Charm (*) CD 10 – Vixen (*) CD 12 – Massage (*) CD 13 – Fempire (*) CD 14 – Elegance II (*3) CD 15 – Three Icons (*) CD 17 – Spy Baby I CD 20 – Uncursed CD 21 – Beach Body CD 22 – Memories CD 27 – S-Exchange & CD 28 – S-Exhibition * CD 29 – S-Tripper (*28) CD 30 – Spy Baby II (17) CD 34 – Host CD 35 – Room169 (*) Some CDs have pre-requisites, but I've realized there's a number of CDs that can serve as pre-requisite for other CDs, so I've added that to this table.There are two sets of trigger words used over and over across the CDs, those from Elegance, and those from Happiness.I've done My best to give the illusion of interaction with these CDs, which is helped by most of them being recordings of live sessions.If you are not satisfied with the results after listening to them daily for two weeks, you can send them back for a full refund, or send them back and use your credits towards an actual session with Me.

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No one can play mozart on their first music lesson.

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