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Q What about instances when a friendship might be salvaged—what could help?

A When our psychological immune system is strong and we’re comfortable with who we are, we’re actually better equipped to weather the challenges that may come up in friendships, such as: The most influential friends tend to push us to grow by opposing our viewpoint and/or challenging our perspectives.

This will hopefully allow you to find compassion and avoid judgment.

Attempt to forgive your friends for their shortcomings and remember that those qualities, at one point, may have resided in you.

While anger may seem like the appropriate response at the time, ultimately it may cause irreparable damage to the friendship.It may take time, but inevitably, you will grow to see that no one in the world has the power to define you (other than yourself).You are dynamic, strong, and divine—even if it doesn’t seem like it in the moment. A Imagine a psychological immune system that defends and preserves your emotional well-being (like your physical immune system that protects from germs, bacteria, viruses, disease).If your emotional immune system is strong, you won’t perceive opposition as hostility (also, remember that what your friends have to say is much more about them and much less about you).So don’t be afraid to keep a friend close even if they have views that oppose yours.

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No relationship is perfect—and even our very closest, best-of-best-friends-forever bonds can deeply disappoint us, or, worse, break apart.

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