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This trend isn’t going away…in fact (as the podcasts will show) it’s accelerating, It impacts almost every church regardless of size, denomination or even location. If your church is at all engaging the middle class, the upper middle class, or a suburban demographic, an interesting trend is developing.

Part 3: 5 Ways to Embrace Infrequent Church Attenders Part 4: 10 Predictions About the Future Church And Shifting Attendance Patterns Part 5: CNLP Episode 24: Churchless: Why and How America is Learning to Live Without The Church—An Interview with David Kinnaman So why all this attention?So how does this translate into attendance patterns?Church leaders need to remember that when custody is shared in a family situation, ‘perfect’ attendance for a kid or teen might be 26 Sundays a, the likelihood of showing up regularly or even engaging their faith decreases over time.At our church, I find our most engaged people—people who serve, give, invite and who are in a community group—are our most frequent attenders. Church leaders who fail to recognize this will not be able to change rapidly enough to respond to the shifts that are happening.

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