Frozen updating screen

For those who are sick of the repeated update alert, we get some tips.

Apple encourages every i OS users to have the latest version of i OS.

Force reboots take longer than a standard reboot, so don’t be surprised if this takes a minute or two for the i OS device to resume to normal usability.

The key thing to remember when forcibly rebooting is to hold down the buttons concurrently.

With the update downloaded in the background, you are prompted to install it.

The i Pad and i Phone don’t freeze or crash often, but when they do it can be an epic freeze-up, where the device can either get stuck in an app or, worse, it gets frozen on the dreaded i OS “spinning wheel of death”, the little wait cursor that never goes away.

And if your i Phone/i Pad is stuck at recovery/DFU mode, disabled or frozen, Part 2 will tell you how to restore i Phone/i Pad/i Pod Touch without updating in recovery mode.

Left on it’s own in that state, that spinning wheel can quite literally spin forever until the battery drains and the device dies out, but that’s obviously not a solution to resolve the rare major i OS crashes.

We’ll cover three tricks to fix major i OS crashes, the first will attempt to just exit out of the crashing application, the next will forcibly restart the device, and finally for the worst scenarios, we’ll restore i OS as new, though that really should be a last resort that is rarely applicable to most situations.

It should look something like this: The update alert comes up again and again.

It seems like that Apple won't stop the nagging until we get the update.

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But do you know how to stop i Phone from nagging you about updating to the i OS 11/10? When you really need to restore i Phone with i Tunes, for example, when i Phone is locked or gets stuck at recovery mode/DFU mode, white Apple screen of death, how to restore i Phone without upgrading to the latest i OS 11?

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