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She had figured out that she could come to stay with me here in Florida, if I sent her 90, but I told her that I would take care of the plane ticket after she handled the legal problems on her side, with the 0 I would send her. After all the letters that we had going back and forth to each other, I would have gladly spent that money, if it was all true. The dream of all my life is to create a family, a happy, friendly family with beloved man. If you will ask: "Why you have not been able to find a partner in Russia??? We have the village called Nikolaevka near our town.

System Internet on Ukraine still young, therefore services Internet expensive. I think that all the same we shall understand each other. I still badly understand how the computer works but I try to learn it. In correspondence with you, sometimes I shall write with the help of a translation program. I think that we shall understand each other and then we can see each other. My liked dish is meat made on the French recipe and the russian pel'meni. This a follow-up to my letter regarding scam artist Eleonora Belova hat appears on page 18 of the blacklist. I said that I have received the new letter from one man from USA. I think that we must know about each other more and we must to trust, because it's hasn't interest if it's virtual joke. With next letter we continue to study each other more and more. For those who have looked at the photos of her I sent, most would have to agree she is nothing short of a Goddess, even if her mother was hit by a car and near death and she needed money immediately. Kibenko I want to thank you for your article that you had posted about one of the scammers using the model, Leatitia Casta, pictures. My grandfather died 1,5 years ago and I still miss him. With each letter the size of ignorance will become is less. Can you image my surprise when, on my first day in Kiev in August, I saw the follow photo on billboards all over Kiev? After reading your article I did a search at her name and found one of the very pictures that this girl had sent me. There are many trees in forest near village and there is a river Chernushka. This very night I was getting ready to send her 0 through western union. I am very much touched by your attention and your choice that you have chosen me, but I would like to know about you more! I've placed my ad in Internet in order to fulfill my dream. Unfortunately, I have no enough time and money for travels, but I would like to visit USA in future maybe.

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