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The food scene in NYC is one of the best in the world.There are restaurants that cost upwards of 0/head for a meal, restaurants where you’ll wait over a year to get a table and restaurants that are so underground, you’ll likely never hear of them (unless you have an in).Apparently, it is an awful idea to date a chef, since they’re married to their work, so, how do you get into Manhattan’s top restaurants? I know this Influencer who runs a food blog and popular Instagram account.His follower count alone gets him invites to top restaurants, sometimes for private dinners before they have even opened, where the chef personally cooks him the best meals on the menu…

Here are the 10 most fun to date–everyone from the people who “look good on paper” to the ones that will make your parents question your choices…Any romantic partnership needs time, effort, and attention to reach its full potential.A great date idea that lets you accomplish spending this type of quality time is a trip to the zoo. The movement and modern trend of urban zoos around the nation are as a result of the trends first done by Central Park.An interesting outing like this one will undoubtedly make for an experience your honey will not forget.Be sure to bring a camera because your friends will think what you are describing is unbelievable.

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During my senior year of college at NYU I knew at least 5 girls who had hooked up with John Mayer.

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