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The team wears a Union kepi as its shoulder patch and has a Civil War-era bronze canon as the crest on its alternate jersey.

In another NHL example, the Calgary Flames started out in Atlanta.

We also see the Civil War’s impact in team nicknames.

The most obvious case was the University of Mississippi Rebels’ mascot, “Colonel Reb.” This mascot was finally discarded after it was deemed too offensive, although the school still uses “Rebels” as a name.

In Missouri, one local home guard, formed to defend citizens from partisans of both flags, was called the Tigers.

Why do some relationships last decades while others fizzle out after a few months?Their nickname and the red and gold color scheme were a reference to the burning of Atlanta after its capture by General William Tecumseh Sherman.The franchise kept its name after it moved to Calgary, so the team’s name refers to event that took place thousands of miles away from where it now plays (and ten years before the city of Calgary was even incorporated).”¦ The MLB All-Star Game BP jerseys are apparently made from a different fabric than regular MLB BP jerseys. The origional bowing bird logo was first seen on a scorecard in 1954.” I confess that when I first read James’s note, I thought he said “bowling bird,” and then I was sort of disappointed to see I’d gotten that wrong.”¦ As several readers have noted, there’s been a bunch of uni-related chatter about whether Cap’n Crunch is really a cap’n. Reprinted from yesterday’s comments: an article about NFL merchandising. New NFL policy this year: Fans can only bring one clear, see-through bag to the game (from Tom Mulgrew). Good piece by Todd Radom about the common historical link between the Yanks’ and Dodgers’ uniforms. Each Brooklyn Cyclones jersey last night saluted a neighborhood that was hit hard by Sandy (from David Dyte). Remember about a year ago when I wrote several times about those little paper football dolls called Cubees? Anyway, I’ve never seen this version of the Cards’ character before. A Giants ballboy was wearing a road jersey and home pants on Monday (from Andrew Greenblatt). No photo, but Mets pitching coach Dan Warthen was wearing an orange undershirt last night, joining David Wright and Marlon Byrd in that regard.

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