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Again she said she has no plans on dating anyone right now. I could either let her go, and not risk getting hurt in the case that she starts dating someone (eventually).Or I can be her friend, hang out on a regular basis with her for the next couple months and show her a good time.And even if you want her back and she decided to take you back, that baggage would still be there, undealt with, and would end up causing trouble in the future. You are making decisions that will affect you and her, and you need to be looking out for her.Because even though you care about her the message is loud and clear and as bright as day.In my opinion, I think you should let her know that being friends isn't going to work and that you would like to respect her space and not have any type of friendship right now. And to be honest, you two being friends with no emotions is impossible right now. You're going to say, "sure, I will be friend zoned while you get to be single, take the best of both worlds". As far as the "winning back" thing, what do you have pictured in your head? Like you are supposed to sweep her off her feet and she suddenly wants to commit again? In this case, OP can't be friends with her because he is not-so-secretly trying to get her you don't want to hear what people have to say about this and are going to do what you want anyway, why did you bother posting? If you want to attempt to be friends with the girl who decided she didn't want you in hopes that someday she will wake up and completely change her mind, okay.But don't expect r/relationships to tell you thats going to happen because it wont.Show her that a relationship with me would be fun and exciting and show her what she's missing out on.I know what she likes to do for fun and what makes her happy.

I figure this way I could break off the friendship if she started seeing someone.She wants to be friends because she doesn't want to lose me. I told her that I didn't want to only be friends, I wanted to be with her.I can't be her friend if she is going to start dating other guys, it would break my heart.More importantly, she might sit there grinding gears unable to move on because you are still in her life.She will bury emotion instead of dealing with it, and that will hold her in relationship limbo.

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