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Now, this isn't to say that you shouldn't give Facebook Dating a shot when it is released later this year.

Virtually all of the issues raised here are simply online analogs to the dangers folks face while dating in real life.

It doesn't take a genius to leverage those tidbits of data in order to track down your official Facebook profile, About. And given that the service will base matches -- at least partially -- on your mutual friends, stalkers will be afforded yet another vector of attack in tracking you down.The same service that allowed Raman and Priya, the couple Zuckerberg was crowing about during his speech, to meet and marry, also allows stalkers, creeps and psycho exes to surreptitiously spy on your life.And I fail to see how formalizing the flirting process -- even with the protections the company has in place -- will enable the former behaviors without the latter.That prompted an outcry that Facebook was mishandling data.The ability to delete browsing history gives users some element of control over the information Facebook gathers on them and brings the company more in line with its competitors' policies.

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  1. Cant you just claim lost passport and have it sent? But no she wants us to start our new life together...after I send her 7200 so she can get her passport and plane ticket..